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About Us

Edmonton Nerf Parties

Providing exciting and fun mobile party experiences is a passion for Edmonton Nerf Parties.  Owner Todd has been an outdoor educator and youth counsellor for kids in the city for a number of years and decided to take matters into his own hands after he had a water gun fight with some at risk youth he worked with.  Nerf was the obvious next step but it cost way to much money to take these kids.  

“I love to run around and play games with kids and adults.  There is something about a Nerf war that is tremendously captivating and fun. I know when a kid has had a special experience because they usually leave saying it was the best birthday they have ever been to; or in some cases, the best day of their life.”

Labbe especially loves when parents get involved. Moms and dads transform into commanders of a Nerf team which really brings the experience together for the kids. He believes that playing games is an essential component of the moral development of a young person.  Adults add an important facet through role modelling appropriate behaviour and enforcing fair play.

“I think we have really lost something as a society through the proliferation of addictive entertainment like video games and high tech entertainment.  It has made it difficult to capture kids attention through playing outside together. I grew up having forts, playing street hockey and creating my own fun, but you just don't see a lot of kids playing outside anymore. Yet every party I have offered has left the kids disappointed that its over.  They always want to play more! Its easy to get kids engaged in a Nerf war which offers me a powerful platform to make a small influence on how the kids choose to live their life.  Having fun is important but I also want them to leave feeling with a sense of camaraderie with their friends and more respect for behaving honourably through fair play and sportsmanship.”

Offering Nerf parties has allowed Edmonton Nerf Parties to become popular in the kids birthday scene by offering the cheapest, most convenient Nerf party in Edmonton while maintaining very high quality entertainment.  They also give back by giving a free nerf party a month to underprivileged youth in the city.

“I am very passionate about giving back to the community. So many people have done little things to help me throughout my life so its important to me to pay it forward.”

“Everyone has been very supportive of my business.  I knew it would take off with kids but its really the parents who are surprised when they decide to play and can’t get over how much fun it is.  Im excited for it to take off with the big kids at heart too.”